Mark Gracias

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager Mark Gracias manages our highly qualified engineering team, and he’s responsible for all our engineering projects here at PSA Engineering.

With over 27 years of engineering experience, Mark has worked predominantly in upstream oil and gas, refining and minerals processing sectors across Australia and Papua New Guinea. As a qualified electrical engineer, his expertise extends across EEHA and functional safety. His strong leadership skills are matched equally by his technical proficiency that covers the full engineering project lifecycle.

Mark’s experience working on both sides of the fence, as both design consultant and end-user with major corporations including Santos and Oil Search Limited, has provided him with highly informed understanding on how to deliver the best results for our clients.

“My end-user experience means I have a better understanding of what needs to be considered during design. The fact is, for the next 15 or 20 years, someone is going to be operating what you design, install and commission, so the end-user needs to be front of mind at all times.”

For Mark, working closely with his clients to understand their expectations is the key to delivering optimal outcomes.

“It’s only when you work closely with a client that you can truly understand what they require. Once you have that understanding and a strong relationship, then you know you can deliver the right outcome.”

One of the first projects Mark worked on after joining PSA Engineering was a brownfields control and safety systems upgrade. He really enjoys the complexity and high-level problem solving involved in managing these specialised shutdowns.

“I really enjoy the brownfields work, because they’re not your run of the mill projects. There’s a lot of factors you need to take into account when you’re implementing such upgrades in an operating plant and the challenge is making sure that happens with minimal disruption to our client.”

The team at PSA Engineering are specialists in the planning and execution of fast and efficient shutdowns. Our ability to operate to tight schedules whilst ensuring safety and works are completed to the highest quality is a testament to Mark’s skills as both an engineer and a team leader.

Mark holds his engineering team in high regard. He sees the team’s depth of expertise in functional safety – including both machine safety and process safety – as a key differentiator for PSA Engineering. Mark points to the level of work his team has achieved for our clients in the amusement park industry as a standout example of our capability to solve the most complex engineering problems.

Seeing his team grow and improve is what one of the things Mark loves most about his job. It’s a point of personal satisfaction that he’s seen grow as he’s moved through his career and into senior leadership roles.

“We have some very talented engineers working for us. I’m always impressed at the way they work and how they look for ways to work smarter… I enjoy being able to guide the team and watch them put things that I’ve shown them into practice. That’s what motivates me these days.”

Mark’s expertise:

  • Risk Mitigation – Identifies problems, highlights risk and develops effective mitigation strategies
  • Project Engineering and Management – responsible for facility modifications and packaged equipment including, budget/cost management, change management (technical and commercial), client liaison, scope development/interpretation, planning/scheduling, field implementation;
  • Functional Safety – implementation of all phases of the functional safety lifecycle including SIL facilitation, both for process industries and machinery applications;
  • Electrical equipment for hazardous areas – HA classification, equipment specification, system design and calculations, development of defective equipment remediation programs, inspection;
  • Standards and Regulations – strong knowledge and application of AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 60079, AS 3814, AS IEC 61511, AS/NZS 4024, ISO 13849, API MPMS and ISA 18.2.

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