Jamie Parry

Portfolio Manager

Jamie likes to make a difference. As Portfolio Manager at PSA Engineering, he’s embracing the chance to develop the business and create new opportunities as traditional industries pivot toward digital transformation. Jamie works with our clients to develop solutions that achieve the required outcomes. He’s passionate about helping clients leverage technology to ensure their facilities are safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and profitable.

“My role is about understanding our clients’ challenges and ensuring we provide the right solution to solve their problems.”

Trained as a chemical engineer, Jamie has worked in automation for over 20 years in multiple industries in Australia and Europe.

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting and challenging times in his career was returning to Queensland at the beginning of the LNG boom in 2009. As Senior Project Manager, Jamie was involved in the major CSG projects from the earliest stages of the design phase through to the operational phase before stepping into a more senior role.

“It was exciting to see the LNG projects develop from the beginning and be involved across the entire lifecycle, deliver the projects and then help to maintain optimise” says Jamie.

During the LNG wave, Jamie met Ian Faber and worked closely with several of the PSA Engineering team. When Jamie decided it was time for a change, he knew he wanted to work for a company that would give him the flexibility to grow and perform.

“PSA Engineering provides the flexibility and skills needed to make a difference to our clients,” says Jamie. “Plus, I had worked with Ian over the years, and I knew it was a good, strong team with a great technical reputation.”

As Jamie looks to the future of PSA Engineering, he sees the company moving to align with the changes brought into play by Industry 4.0 and IoT integration. While the company will always have a role to play in more traditional engineering applications at its core, PSA Engineering is about delivering solutions to complex problems – and as technology advances, those solutions take on different forms.

“I really enjoy looking at the business from the bottom up and working out where we need to go,” says Jamie. “We provide value, and because we’re vendor agnostic, we can deliver a tailored solution that might incorporate different technologies from different vendors that we can put together as a package. One of PSA Engineering’s core strengths is understanding our clients’ businesses. We’re in-tune with what needs to be done on the operation side, and we can understand exactly what it means for them to adopt new technology.”

Jamie’s expertise:

  • Business development
  • Optimising client outcomes
  • Relationship building
  • Strategy and roadmaps
  • Project management
  • Developing unique solutions
  • Control and automation

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